About Us

Intech-Design & Office Furnishing Supplies Sdn Bhd
About Us

Consulting Services & Office Furnishing

In 1993, Intech-Design & Office Furnishing Supplies Sdn Bhd was registered to carry out interior design consulting services & office furnishing and supplies in this region. Our headquarter is situated in Johor, Malaysia. Since then, Intech-Design & Office Furnishing Supplies Sdn Bhd has carried out a variety of services, in additional to suits main aims in space planning and furniture design.

Intech-Design & Office Furnishing Supplies Sdn Bhd employed a team of 40 staffs, which leads teams with contract staff hired on a project basis and also with our furniture factory with 5000ft and more than 15 skill workers to create various design & supervision work. Strong connection is maintained with other consultants, contractor & developer, with whom we carry out specialist work or link up provide building design groups.

Intech-Design & Office Furnishing Supplies Sdn Bhd's majority of work carried for civil, M&E and renovation work for commercial industries or representative of oversea companies, branch offices and decorative work for shop and departmental stores.

Our Vision
To be the leading factory and office renovation enterprise, distinguished by the quality of our services.
Our Mission
To deliver measurable benefits to customers by providing one-stop renovation and decoration solution built on:

  • A dedication to customers and their businesses.

  • An outstanding quality, operational excellence and advanced information management.

  • A superior global network that integrates diverse assets and expertise.

  • A flexible, agile and innovative organisation.

  • A highly trained and professional workforce.
Our Value
A set of previously unwritten principles that have been a part of our culture for over 20 years – the corporate spirit that we have come to cherish over these decades – codifying strengths that have made us what we are today and will keep us a truly region company filled with talented individuals who remain dedicated to our customers.
Integrity 诚意
Be respectful and considerate to our customers and colleagues. Stay warm, cordial courteous and caring.
Innovation 创意
Continuously think of new ideas for improvement, even when conditions appear satisfactory.
Intensity 热意
Carry through and accomplish our tasks. Never give up. Overcome challenges. Remain motivated.